Boom Boom Brazil: Rbuass and Schenckel Bros Hit 2x Global First Place and 6x Global Top 5 with GTX 980 Ti

It has been a couple of intensive HWBOT front-page days. Rbuass and Schenckel Bros, #1 and #2 from Brazil, put out a total of 8 top-5 3D benchmark scores of which 2 are a Global First Place.

Rbuass and Schenckel Bros are part of the TecLab OC Team, a young Brazilian overclocking team of over 200 members that is currently ranked 41th in the Team League. The main subject of the Brazilian overclocking results is the GeForce GTX 980 Ti. Paired with a 5.5 GHz Core i7 5960X Haswell-E processor, Rbuass took the Global First Place in both 3DMark Fire Strike 2xGPU (35564pts) and Catzilla 1440P 1xGPU (20310pts). If we had been a bit faster writing this news post, we would also mention Rbuass' Catzilla 720 1xGPU score of 60144 points which was beaten by Steponz this morning.

Schenckel Bros did not grab any Global First place results, but did achieve plenty of top-5 results in the major 3D benchmark rankings. For example, he joined the Fire Strike Extreme 1xGPU 13K club and hit second place in 3DMark11 Performance 1xGPU.

Overall this is a strong performance show from the Brazilian dynamic duo and we are looking forward to more results!

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