New Options for GPU Submissions: APower, EPower, GPower

To address a concern first raised by Hivizman in, we added the following product categories to the GPU information section of the submission form: ASUS A-Power, EVGA E-Power, GALAXY G-Power, and GIGABYTE G-Power. The product categories address the request from the general overclocking community to distinguish overclocking achievements using the PCB as provide by the manufacturer and those with re-engineered VRM.

The argument raised by Hivizman in the original post at Midlifegamers is an interesting one. Graphics cards fitted with a custom VRM such as the EVGA E-Power are not comparable to their retail counterparts. Especially on products targeted at overclocking, where the VRM are marketed at the enthusiast demographic, using a custom VRM paints a different picture. Simply put: a GTX Titan X with custom VRM will not achieve the same overclocking achievements as the same card with retail VRM.

In addition to the above argument, we also want to help overclockers who have the skill to modify the VRM to promote their skill. The technical know-how that is required to use an extermal VRM is astonishing and should certainly be highlighted.

With your help we can help fans to have a better understanding of the tools used for your overclocking achievement!

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