Kitguru: Intel Says Skipping Broadwell CPUs for desktops was a mistake

In an interesting but small news article at Kitguru, Anton Shilov highlights Intel's statement on releasing Broadwell to investors.

At Citigroup's global technology conference Kirk Skaugen, Senior Vice President and General Manager of Intel's client computing group, explained why Intel did not build a 5th generation Core product for tower PCs. He said, "We made an experiment and we said maybe we are putting technology in to the market too fast, but let us not build a chip for the mainstream tower business, [which is] $10 billion business [for us]. Turns out that was a mistake."

There are only two desktop variants of Broadwell, the Core i7 5775C and the Core i5 5676C, and together they make Broadwell Intel's least popular architecture at HWBOT for a very long time. The lack of availability, overclocking headroom, and high cost make it an unappealing product for system builders and enthusiasts all around. The hope is of course that Intel's new Skylake will spark interest among enthusiasts again as with the unlocked base clock frequency and removing the fIVR, Intel has said to care about overclocking.

Do you feel Intel cares about overclocking? Let us know in the comments below what you want to see in an Intel enthusiast grade product.

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