ROG Blog: 3 More Global First Places by Dancop on Rampage V Extreme + Highest in HWBOT x265 1080P!

Quoting the ROG blog, celebrating another set of impressive overclocking results by Dancop, the current #1 in the HWBOT Overclockers League!

"Dancop is a German overclocker who is currently number one in the worldwide overclocker ranking on HWBot. Once again Dancop managed to clinch more Global First Places, this time three with the ROG Rampage V Extreme and Strix GTX 980 Ti in the categories Catzilla 720P 1xGPU, Catzilla 1440P 1xGPU and HWBOT Prime 8xCPU. He also achieved the highest score for the new benchmark launched on HWBOT called HWBOT x265 1080P."

"Dancop bought 15 pieces of the Intel i7 5960X CPUs since the launch of the X99 platform in August 2014, before finding the one that can go up to 6.2GHz in the HWBOT Prime benchmark – no Haswell-E CPU has ever made it this far in this benchmark. The scores in Catzilla 720P and 1440P were easily obtained thanks to the Rampage V Extreme and the Strix GTX 980 Ti. For the benchmark Catzilla 720P, he only used 6 liters of LN2, and 15 liters for the global first place in Catzilla 1440P. However, for the benchmark HWBOT Prime 8 x Cores, it was not as easy. It took two hours of benching, a hundred reboots and 20 liters of LN2. Often he got the score he wanted but the pc would freeze just before he was able to get the screenshot. In the end, the preparation, cooling of the system, heating up, booting, rebooting took hours of benching and 90L of LN2. The effort and determination was not in vain!"

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