HWBOT x265 Benchmark V1.2.0 Released - Mandatory from Monday September 14, 2015

Havli, the Czech developer of the HWBOT x265 Benchmark, has announced V1.2.0 of the benchmark. The new version includes security updates and is mandatory from September 14 forward. V1.1.1 will no longer be valid after the transition.

In the forum post, Havli details what's new in the V1.2.0 release. The major changes are: Improved security, Submit online - fixed CPU name (it was broken on single socket boards), Thumbnails now in zip file, Partial optimization for high-dpi LCD, Multiple screens captured on screenshot when using extended desktop, 95% jpg screenshot instead of png for faster upload to HWBOT, Elapsed time and remaining time indicated during encoding, and Batch testing introduced for useful for stability check or detailed performance analysis.

Especially the batch testing was a feature high in demand, so it's great to see it added to the already impressive benchmark. Currently there are 411 benchmark scores submitted to the database: 274 for the 1080P preset and 137 for the 4K preset. The current highest results are 9.49 fps in 4K by Devilhead and 48.33 fps in 1080P by Dancop.

Download the new version here: HWBOTx265_Benchmark_1.2.rar (467MB)

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