HW-DB Reviews Crucial Ballistix Sport BLS2C8G4D240FSA: DDR4-3000 C14 at 1.38V

Our previous newsflash also featured a HW-DB review by Tapakah, as the moment we published it we received another email from HW-DB about an published article. This article deals with the Crucual Ballistix Sport 16GB dual channel kit rated at DDR4-2400 out of the box.

The conclusion is pretty similar to the HyperX Fury of the last newsflash. With DDR4-4000 arriving at default spec for Skylake platform, a DDR4-2400 overclocked to DDR4-3000 isn't particularly special. Even if its C14 at 1.38V. Based on his previous findings, Tapakah states that the Micron ICs used by Crucial will not be interesting for overclockers:

" Comparing these numbers to the other Hynix- and Samsung-based DDR4 kits that we get to test, we see a number of crucial differences. Firstly, the Micron are not capable of reaching high clockspeeds, which is already starting to show with our DDR4-3000 results. Secondly, Micron chips are generally unstable above 1.45V, which renders them useless in a competitive benchmarking environment. "

For more information, check out the thread at HW-DB.com


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