HW-DB Reviews HyperX Fury HX421C14FBK2/16 Dual Channel DDR4 Memory: DDR4-3000C13 at 1.46V

The release of Skylake introduced DDR4 memory to the mainstream audience. Building on the expertise acquired on the Haswell-E X99 platform, Tapakah from HW-DB is looking at the first dual channel DDR4 memory kits on the market. First up: HyperX Fury.

The kit reviewed is a 16GB DDR4-2133 C14 kit carrying the product number HX421C14FBK2/16. It comes in the shape of two black HyperX Fury sticks, ready for Skylake. Although his previous experiences with HyperX Fury memory were more than fantastic, with Skylake opening the doors for memory frequencies beyond DDR4-4000 this kit isn't particularly interesting for overclockers. The kit scales all the way up to DDR4-3200, but that is still 500 MHz lower than what we've seen from other kits. When HyperX switches to the newer Hynix AFR ICs on their memory kits, overclocking results will be much better.

In the end, the overclocking results are as follows: DDR4-2666 C11 at 1.54V, DDR4-2800 C12 at 1.47V, and DDR4-3000C 13 at 1.46V. For more information, check out HW-DB.com

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