How To: An Overclocking Masterclass by MaximumPC

In the September 2015 issue of MaximumPC this article features as undoubtedly an extension of the overclocking vibe Intel ignited with the launch of Skylake. Although the adoption of Skylake is slow - blame a lack of CPUs and motherboards for that - overclocking is hip again as always. Because we all know: the PC gaming master race also needs master clocks.

In a 3-page article, Zak Storey from MaximumPC explains the basics of overclocking. How it works, what hardware is required, which software tools are available and of course why you need to overclock. The message is simple: overclocking gives you performance, for free! So why bother with stock. Stock is for sissies.

The article includes a 10-step program: check stability, check the temperature, stress the components, go in the bios, auto overclock, change the multiplier, test again, find the limit, add more voltage, find the limit again, and repeat until you've found the maximum stable setting. At this point I, and many enthusiast overclockers with me, will recommend you to upgrade your cooling and continue overclocking. But for daily usage that might be a step too far.

Regardless, this guide will work for anyone who wants a quick guide on how to get started with overclocking. You can find the article HERE. Enjoy!

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