The OC Show - S02E17: MSI 980Ti Lightning, OC at Pax Prime and in Indonesia

In the seventeenth episode of The OC Show Tim and Pieter discuss what's happened in the world of overclocking in the past two weeks. The topics vary from competitions, events, to graphics cards. As always, there will be a live Q&A on Sunday evening for you to ask questions about the latest show. For the time being, check out Episode 17 at YouTube. The topics for this episode are:

  • - OC-Esports competition updates
  • - Overclocking at Pax prime on the cooler master booth
  • - Two live OC events coming to Indonesia, one AMD, one Intel (#skylake)
  • - The MSI 980Ti lightning graphics card is finally here (in a week they said)
  • - Dinos22 and steponz streaming live

Check out the video by clicking on the picture or going straight to Youtube.

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