Mobile Skylake Gets K-SKU; Overclocking on MSI, ASUS, and EVGA notebooks

Another big announcement at IDF'15 SF is the upcoming mobile Skylake K-sku. Even though it's not the first time Intel launched an unlocked mobile processor - there are extreme editions after all - it will be the first K-sku to feature in the processor line-up.

There are not that many details available on the mobile K-sku. We learn at that MSI, ASUS, and EVGA committed to a notebook. That's right, EVGA is building notebooks! The full details for the mobile gear will be released early Q4, so we will have to wait a bit. Let's hope the notebook vendors will seize the opportunity to enhance the thermal interface material used for transmitting the heat from the CPU to the notebook heatsink.

At HWBOT, we will support the chase of 'clocking-on-the-go with dedicated notebook rankings. Stay tuned for more information!

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