A Beginners Guide To LN2 Benchmarking – Subzero Series, by TechnologyX

Getting started with extreme overclocking is a big step for any overclocker. That is why initiatives like the ROG OC Camp, the GIGABYTE OC Workshops or the MSI OC Academy are so well liked by the overclocking community. Based on what we saw at these events, once the Enthusiasts are familiar with the process of preparing the hardware there's nothing stopping them in their quest for LN2 glory.

Next to real-world events, we also need written and video guides on how to get started with overclocking. Stuart Gale from TechnologyX published an article that may help you get started.

In A Beginners Guide To LN2 Benchmarking – Subzero Series the reader is taken on a journey exploring the various cooling devices (CPU pots, GPU pots), as well as the various ways of preparing the hardware to protect from condensation. The process is broken down so everyone will be able to understand how this "extreme overclocking"-thing works.

If you want to learn more, head on over to TechnologyX and get cranking!


Indonesia lukasb says:

hahahahah loll, dat cisco catalyst switches for table...
good article for enthusiast btw, thanks!

Australia JunkDogg says:

A good read, well done. Might be worth noting in the section where you say AMD run full pot, that AMD APU's do suffer from Cold Bug. Actually it's terrible. hahaha..

United States OC Maximus says:

I really like how this how-to was written up. Clear and easy to understand with lots of pictures. I like pictures :)

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