The Overclocker #35: Core i7 6700K Skylake Analysis, Interview with Sofos1990, Details on the UK MSI Gathering, and more ...

Issue 35 of the The Overclocker is available now at!

One month ago we had to apologize for covering the latest The Overclocker with too much delay. Today, however, we are perfectly on time as the latest issue of The Overclocker magazine has just been published. In this issue we find a lot of new overclocking content!

First and foremost, there's an analysis of the Intel Core i7 6700K and what it means to the enthusiast and overclocking community. The question is simple: is Skylake more or less desirable for overclocking that last year's Haswell-E X99 platform. Also, there's an interview with Sofos1990. The resident GIGABYTE overclocking guru does question time with The Overclocker and we find out what it's like to be an in-house overclocker. In addition, Hivizman tells us what we all missed at the Team Great Britain MSI Overclocking Gathering.

There's much more content, so go check out The Overclocker Issue #35 by clicking HERE or on the image on your left hand side!

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