Steponz Benching LIVE // UPDATE: Benching Over - 13444, New Global First Place!

A quick heads up for anyone interested in witnessing Steponz set a new top score in the 1xGPU 3DMark Fire Strike Extreme category. He is currently benching LIVE on his YouTube channel. Check it out here!

UPDATE! At the end of the benchmark session, Steponz achieved his goal of beating K|ngp|n's first place in the 3DMark Fire Strike Extreme 1xGPU category. With a GeForce GTX 980 Ti clocked at 2125 / 2050 MHz, a Core i7 5960X at 5944 MHz, a set of G.SKILL DDR4 at DDR4-3100C11, all mounted on top of a GIGABYTE X99-SOC Champion motherboard, Steponz outscored his fellow American by 39 points. The final score: 13444 points.

With the new Global First Place, Steponz is also ranked first in Stage 4 of the third round of the Challenger 2015 Division I. He is leading before Xtreme Addict who has 12818 points in that stage. The competition ends on September 30.

Steponz claimed the efficiency of the score isn't quite where it should've been and improvement is certainly possible. Hopefully we will be able to witness the beardy 'clocker soon in another livestream run. For more information on the Global First Place, check out the submission details HERE.


Belgium Massman says:


United States steponz says:

Lol... all done now.. need to invest in a capture card to show the system better.. that and stands for cameras.. Not too bad for the first stream.. A new Global First Place of 13444..

Australia sskmercer says:

Thanks for the stream Joe and setting it up, hope to see some more.

United States steponz says:

Thanks man.. Another session and I should be good to go.. I changed some things to test more.... didn't work out.. but I learned alot.. so next time it will be much bigger......

K404 says:

I thought you were wearing a kilt to start with!

United States steponz says:

Hahahah a kilt.. too funny.. maybe next time lol

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