New CPU-Z 1.73 Released, New Validator Website, Old Validations Invalid

Christian Ney, the head of moderating, posted a thread in the forums highlighting the new CPU-Z version and its impact on the validation. First of all, version 1.73 includes a bunch of new interesting features. Extreme overclock mode allows you to run CPU-Z with very light load to make validations at the edge of stability a lot more easy. When this mode is disabled, CPU-Z will make a validation after 3 seconds instead of instantly. Also, there is a CPU Benchmark included as a new tab. Most importantly, the validator has been updated.

The new validation website is hosted at and features a new, improved design. Also you'll find a section with statistics and validation world records.

The most important bit is that validations from older CPU-Z versions are no longer valid on the new website. So in order to validate your result, you need to use the latest version of CPU-Z. You can download the new CPU-Z version HERE.

Christian Ney says:

For the F7 users out there, you must download the latest version of CPU-Z (1.73) otherwise you wont be able to validate your .cvf files on the new validation website (

Download 1.73


.cvf files made with older CPU-Z version cannot be validated on the new website!


Pro tip:

XOC=1 (cpuz.ini)




-New validation

-eXtreme Overclock Mode with light CPU load (when off, CPU-Z will load the CPU and make the validation file after 3s)

-New tab : CPU Benchmark

-Added L4 cache frequency (cache tab)

-Added Windows 10 editions

-Intel Skylake and Broadwell support

-Fixed support for Windows 10 build 9926



CPU-Z Readme file:

- XOC : eXtreme Overclock Mode : runs CPU-Z with as little system load as possible. Your system won't be fully validated before it is manually checked. Requires to restart CPU-Z.

United States xxbassplayerxx says:


GENiEBEN says:

Bleah, lost some validations I guess.

Sweden Rauf says:

Thanks for bringing this to notice.

United States sin0822 says:

Whatever, what a pain. Why bother loading the CPU with this xtreme OC thing? Isn't the point not to have a load?


Also how to get this feature where it saves validation file every 3sec>? I tried with set to 0 and 1 and neither saves every 3 sec

United States xxbassplayerxx says:

If I read it correctly, the XOC mode doesn't put load on the CPU since all power features will be turned off and there is not worry about CPU downclocking. However, for 24/7 (XOC mode not enabled), the CPU will be loaded for 3 seconds to ensure it is in the correct power state for the validation.

Belgium Massman says:

Press F7 -> small load -> create file after 3 seconds

Christian Ney says:

If you have some CPUZ 1.72 .cvf files you would like to have validated, email them to me with username and email to christian [at] before the end of the week.

Australia alancsalt says:

When you use Extreme OC setting the CPU-Z validation says "unchecked" top right. Are these still acceptable for HWbot submissions?


I've had one submitted to an OC thread on, asking if it is acceptable.


I see "Your system won't be fully validated before it is manually checked. Requires to restart CPU-Z." Please explain "manually checked" - how and by whom?

Christian Ney says:

Yes, it is fine here.

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