HW-DB Reviews Patriot PV416G240C5QK Quad Channel DDR4 Memory: DDR4-2800C13 at 1.37V

For a couple of weeks now TaPaKaH is ramping up his memory reviews. Of course we're always interested in what he's "cooking" up (not referencing Hicookie and his magic overclocking adventures). This time around, TaPaKaH had a look at a more budget minded kit. Patriot's PV416G240C5QK is a DDR4-2400 quad channel memory kit which in the days of DDR4-4000 Skylake kits feels as slow as bringing a horse to a drag race.

As per usual, we had a peek at the second page to find our favorite scaling chart. Denial and rage ensued as we found out the graph was replaced by a table. Bring the graph back! Regardless of the absence of the graph, TaPaKaH went out his way to test the overclocking capabilities of this kit in quite some detail. In short, the kit will give you the default frequency at CL11 (DDR4-2400 C11-10-11-28 at 1.43V) or slightly higher frequency at CL13 (DDR4-2800 C13-11-12-30 at 1.37V).

For more information, check out the review at HW-DB. To clarify, we are joking about the graph and are happy to see such detailed OC action in a public article!

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