Steponz Third to Hit 13,000 in Single GPU 3DMark Fire Strike Extreme with GTX 980 Ti at 2000/2100

Since the release of the GeForce GTX 980 K|ngp|n edition graphics card, the 3DMark Fire Strike Extreme single GPU ranking has been under heavy fire from some of the world's top overclockers. Dancop, Rbuass, Steponz, Xtreme Addict, and K|ngp|n have put up some really impressive numbers with the GTX 980 Ti. Some with the ASUS Strix, others with the Galaxy Hall of Fame, but the top scores are currently in the hands of overclockers using that K|ngp|n card. We've covered why the card's so cool a couple of times already, so we're not going to re-hash all that, but it is important to make note of the third overclocker to surpass the mark of 13,000 points with a single GPU graphics card.

Steponz was the first to breach the 12K barrier on May 9th, little over three months ago and is now the third person to break 13K, after Xtreme Addict on August 7th and K|ngp|n, the first, on July 30th. Steponz is using a KPE GTX 980 Ti clocked at 2000/2100 MHz along with a 5.9GHz Haswell-E Core i7 5960X on top of a GIGABYTE X99-SOC Force motherboard, paired with a set of G.SKILL memory. He scores 13120 points, featuring a 13.6K GPU score. Note that on his personal Facebook wall Steponz has already shown a GPU score of over 14K with a GPU clock of over 2.1GHz. That means something big is coming soon!

We really enjoy seeing the battle at the top. If another person joins the battle, we might see a tight race to the 14K mark. For more information about Steponz' score, check out the submission page HERE.

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