Strunkenbold Joins HWBOT Staff to Support Hardware Database Management

Glorious news from the staff room!

Strunkenbold, also known as Gregor in real life, will join the HWBOT Staff supporting Antinomy in maintaining the hardware database. Gregor is a German overclocker active in the AwardFabrik overclocking team and has vast knowledge on hardware, both new and obscure.

With Gregor and Antinomy forming the team the hardware database will be monitored and updated more regularly. We're happy to see two walking hardware bibles taking care of the database. Enjoy your stay, Gregor!

For more information on the volunteer staff, check out the Contribute Page.


Belgium Massman says:

Yeah!! :celebration:

Austria basco says:

good choice-bravo

Kazakhstan TerraRaptor says:

Great news!

Germany Don_Dan says:

Welcome to the team, Gregor! :celebration:

kotori says:

Good news! he is the right person.

Germany der8auer says:

Welcome to the crew :)

Belgium leeghoofd says:

Does this mean we can carpool the Mercedez with Roman ?

Czech Republic trodas says:

He is not only good HW expert and overclocker, but also his sale reputation have to go to +1 from me :)

Antarctica Trouffman says:

Congratulations, welcome to the crew !

Strunkenbold says:

Thx guys! Ill try to improve the db as good as I can. Todays worklog: -added Carrizo lineup -added Cyrix 5x86 cpus -added UMC 486 cpus -renamed lot of those "ghost" categorys containing nothing -beginning some preparations for adding complete AMD/Intel/Cyrix 486 lineup Now Im gotta claim that Benz. :D

Czech Republic trodas says:

You deserve it! :D

United States Mr.Scott says:

Yup. Good choice.

United Kingdom ObscureParadox says:

Good choice to the crew,got plenty of knowledge to add to the team.

Russian Federation Antinomy says:

Welcome, Strunkenbold! You're most welcome. You have the knowledge to make it good.

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