Comprehensive ASUS R9 Fury Strix Overclocking Guide by Xtreme Addict: 1450/1000 under LN2 (+ unlock to Fury X)

The Fury graphics card is a lower bin variant of AMD's top model Fury X with a slightly lower amount of Compute Units. But unlike the Fury X, AIB partners like ASUS, Sapphire, MSI, and others are allowed to slap the GPU on a custom designed PCB for better overclocking and better performance. In a comprehensive overclocking guide, Xtreme Addict walks you through the steps to fully unleash the ASUS Radeon R9 Fury Strix graphics card.

The steps include unlocking the Compute Units to enable Fury X grade performance, enabling the hotwire soldering pads, a 0.95v Rail mod, and of course the trimpot/hotwire VGPU, VMEM, VPLL (VDDCI) mods.

The result? A GPU frequency of 1450 MHz and HBM frequency of 1000 MHz. For the HBM that's a 100% overclock. The performance goes up from 6237 points at default to 6756 after unlocking the CUs, then 8121 points after overclock on air cooling, to eventually end up at 9634 points when fully unleashed with liquid nitrogen.

Check out the thread on the forum to find out more details, pictuers, and information!

Poland Xtreme Addict says:

Thx to Asus I was able to test the newest Fiji card based on custom PCB and I have to admit it impressed me a lot.


Photo gallery:













































Thx to tx12 OCN wizzard we can push Fury cards even higher!




I will later upload modified LN2 bioses for Asus R9 Fury Strix card ;)


Stock (3584 Shaders/224 TMU)




3776 Shaders/236 TMU




3840 Shaders/240 TMU




Fury "X" 4096 Shaders/256 TMU




Fury "X" 4096 Shaders/256 TMU OC on air - still has some potencial despite unlocking units - TESS OFF





Note that all you are doing on your own responsibility and volt mods void your warranty, same as flashing unlocked bioses and so on ;)


1. Enable HOTWIRE soldering points, do it as in my picture, don't connect HOTWIRE LN2 pads! cause it will trigger 0.95v rail OVP in drivers




2. 0.95v Rail mod (after the mod stock will be around 1.06v)




3. Trimpot/hotwire VGPU, VMEM, VPLL (VDDCI) mods





My card after modding:










Note that Fury has different mounting holes - they are even bigger than old huge G80 mounting. I used modified G80 mounting from Kingpin TEK9 6.66 Fat Pot and it worked perfectly.




1. After flashing LN2 bios you gain VGPU regulation up to 2.0v ;)




2. Don't forget to use "Overclocking range enhancement" if you want to have memory frequency control.






1. Use HDMI port (I used it with HDMI - DVI adapter), on my card screen is blinking on DVI after 0.95v rail mod. HDMI port is fine even at -180*C.


2. If you can't enter OS at certain temperature - lower 0,95v rail (E.G. from 1,25v to 1,2v).


3. 0.95v rail set to 1,25v should be enough for -120 -160*C range.


4. With lower temperature (-50*C and more) you have to use higher VGPU to boot into OS! I had to use around 1.35-1.5v (stress) to boot into OS, it will be around 1.1-1.15v idle (stock is 0.9v in idle).


5. You can set by trimpot/hotwire VGPU OS "boot" voltage and later raise it by GPUTWEAK - it works.


6. 1000 MHz HBM (500 MHz is stock) is current maximum frequency which we can set. For that I had to use 1.55v VMEM (stock is 1.35v). Note that on some cards score might be lower with too high memories.


7. My card doesn't have CB or CBB.


8. PWM is strong, 1.6+ VGPU wasn't a problem with a delta fan on it.


9. Use stock PLL (AUX - VDDCI). Higher gave me nothing (stock is around 1.0v), 1.2+ can kill your GPU.




Stock Fury and Fury X bios have COLD SLOW bug below 0*C (3D mode doesn't work), you need a special BIOS with a fix. For now I used Fury X (ref) LN2 fixed BIOS but it works on Fury Strix cards.




Note that LN2 Fixed bioses have disabled monitoring of temperature, you can flash it and try on air and it won't kill you card, but you will be playing "blind".





























1. Use only ATIFLASH in CMD (WINFLASH corrupts UEFI mode)


command: atiflash -f -p 0 bios.rom


LN2 results


Quick test just to check all the mods and behaviour on cold. From what I know some cards should easy do around 1600 MHz. Most likely limit will be similar to R9 290X cards .






Locked stock shaders:




Fully Unlock





Card is a great fun. Very easy, issues free. Everything works, software (GPUTWEAK 2), drivers and so on. Thx Asus for that great card! I hope we will see a lot of results on it :)


All of this wouldn't be possible without Asus R&D support (Jon, TL) and tx12 :)

websmile says:

Thanks for sharing, I can´t remember having seem HBM clocked that high, results are quite impressive

Austria basco says:

thank you very much!

Argentina nacho_arroyo says:

Great work big man, usefull like usual. And very nice card!

United States xxbassplayerxx says:

What kind of CB does the new memory have?

Indonesia Lucky_n00b says:

Great Job Pushing the Fury ;)

Poland Xtreme Addict says:

THX guys :)


What kind of CB does the new memory have?


No cb in my case :)

Romania Bruno says:

Awesome info! Thank you XA!

Sweden lanbonden says:

Thanks for some good reading, really appreciate it :)

United States VSG says:

Wow that HBM frequency!!


Did you have a perfect core with CUInfo showing two columns of locked CU's at the end?

France dx4picco says:

thx for sharing.


did you applied tim on memory or only on die?

United States Splave says:


United States Strong Island says:

looks like a really fun card, thanks for sharing.

Poland Xtreme Addict says:

Wow that HBM frequency!!


Did you have a perfect core with CUInfo showing two columns of locked CU's at the end?


Nope :)

Czech Republic buildzoid says:

Wow that's awesome. Well now I know which Fury I'm gonna be buying.

United States VSG says:

Nope :)


Thanks! Makes voiding warranty all the more lucrative :D

Sweden Rauf says:

Thank you for sharing! Interesting card!

Serbia Gulftown says:

Great Miha!

Belgium Massman says:

Awesome guide!


Is the LN2 bios already up for download?

Brazil Rbuass says:

Thanks for sharing Michal.



K404 says:

Nice thread and info! :D Thankyou :)

Lithuania muziqaz says:

Any takers to do same thing with fury x? :D


It seems fury x's little sister is actual 'overclockers dream' ;)

Poland Xtreme Addict says:

Thx guys :)


thx for sharing.


did you applied tim on memory or only on die?


Well Tek 9 Fat 6.66 covers only like 1/5 of each memory, I applied thermal paste on them, but in fact they are touching the pot only on the edges.


Awesome guide!


Is the LN2 bios already up for download?


Thx Pieter :) I am waiting for Asus aproval if I can upload them. Note that this bios is software voltage unlocked to 2.0v GPU so considering how strict policy is among vendors (MSI - Afterburner Extreme and so on) I have to wait. But the good thing is that on basis of Fury X LN2 ref BIOS it's possible to apply LN2 cold slow fix to other bioses. Now I have a full set of UNLOCKED Shaders BIOSes with LN2 fix and software voltage control to 2.0v. In the worst case if Asus doesn't allow to make it public, OCers will have to just request R&D for it or I will publish stock Fury Strix bios with LN2 fixed but with lock control of voltages by software.


Any takers to do same thing with fury x? :D


It seems fury x's little sister is actual 'overclockers dream' ;)


Well I don't have Fury X card, but will ask, maybe someone nice will help me in getting a card to play with ;)





Good news - LN2 cold slow fixed UNLOCKED BIOSES are ready and work (tested by myself few minutes ago with last drops of LN2, have to refill dewars tomorrow)




A bit lower clocks (fast run, last drops of LN2) but all Shaders and TMU are activated and efficiency is higher. Moreover I didn't notice any signs that it's harder to clock for GPU or that it needs higher vgpu so it's really good news!

websmile says:

Awesome work, you make the card shine. Now show us some more magic on LN2 after refill :D - 10K+ on stock cpu and mem and not full out on card is looking really good

Montenegro Perica_barii says:

Great work, lots of useful information....Thanks for shearing... :)

Philippines dhenzjhen says:

Awesome guide XA as always and thanks for sharing :ws:

Romania Alex@ro says:

great job XA,nice guid!

Italy giorgioprimo says:

What a Monster of vga !

Keep pushing Michael

Poland qjak says:

great as allways thx for sharing, and your for the determination to create the BIOS, Asus should hire You in the R&D center


Keep pushing Micha***322; :)

Poland loccothan says:

Pieknie Bratan'

Ja lubie OC (ale nie eXtreme ;-) Gram przewaznie. Czekam na Fury-X do jesieni/zimy i robie przesiadke na HBM 2.5 z XFX 280X DD Black (z Bios Modem inaczej nie ma kontroli nad V ;-)

Gratki i Pozdro ze Slowacji :D

Romania Alex@ro says:

This thread delivers,the amount of views is too damn high :)

Netherlands AlienHunter42 says:

Nice job man, keep the scores comming this way here on HWBot

Canada STEvil says:

Any testing done to see how far you could push HBM on air?

Germany SoF says:

Dafuq I see - it's been a while...maybe X8XX GTO times when I was that impressed by an AMD vga.

Good stuff XA!

France Wizerty says:

Tks for sharing XA ;)

I will try it soon ;)

Poland Xtreme Addict says:

I posted bioses :) Have fun guys!~

Strunkenbold says:

Very nice, thx!

Now its the question where you actually can get such a card as I cant see it available in Europe.

Estonia CBS_Vader says:

Please, help. My strix first unlocked at full 4096 CU and tested for 6-8 hours under FurMark, LuxMark, 3Dmark and some games. Today it gave me CRITICAL_PROCESS_DIED BSOD at every 3d app. But it worked! How to be shure and what can i do in this case? Clock always 1000/500, Power Limit +50.

Estonia CBS_Vader says:

It was PSU. And motherboard. Gigabyte UD9. Card just wanted additional power to PCIe connectors. After that - 6 hours Unigine Heaven stress test on full 4096 CU at 1025 Mhz. Ho single glitch! Hell, i'm glad. Gonna continue overclocking experiments.

United Kingdom gupsterg says:

I posted bioses :) Have fun guys!~


Many thanks for these XA :) .


Coming in handy for the Fiji bios mod I'm doing on OCN.

France The Silver says:

Great job XA! Where can we find the bios now?

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