Comprehensive ASUS R9 Fury Strix Overclocking Guide by Xtreme Addict: 1450/1000 under LN2 (+ unlock to Fury X)

The Fury graphics card is a lower bin variant of AMD's top model Fury X with a slightly lower amount of Compute Units. But unlike the Fury X, AIB partners like ASUS, Sapphire, MSI, and others are allowed to slap the GPU on a custom designed PCB for better overclocking and better performance. In a comprehensive overclocking guide, Xtreme Addict walks you through the steps to fully unleash the ASUS Radeon R9 Fury Strix graphics card.

The steps include unlocking the Compute Units to enable Fury X grade performance, enabling the hotwire soldering pads, a 0.95v Rail mod, and of course the trimpot/hotwire VGPU, VMEM, VPLL (VDDCI) mods.

The result? A GPU frequency of 1450 MHz and HBM frequency of 1000 MHz. For the HBM that's a 100% overclock. The performance goes up from 6237 points at default to 6756 after unlocking the CUs, then 8121 points after overclock on air cooling, to eventually end up at 9634 points when fully unleashed with liquid nitrogen.

Check out the thread on the forum to find out more details, pictuers, and information!


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