HW-DB Checks Out Klevv KM3N4GX2C-1600-09-09-09-24-0: DDR3-3000C12 at 1.78v (up from 1600C9!)

Renowned for his knowledge on memory overclocking, TaPaKaH is quite a legend in the overclocking community. In a review published today at HW-DB he has a look at the Klevv Neo memory kit, a new play on the memory market.

The Klevv Neo 1600C9 is the lowest SKU in Klevv's DDR3 line-up. The overclocking potential is quite remarkable as the kit will go up from its default DDR3-1600 Cas 9 to DDR3-2600 Cas 12, a 62 percent overclock. When increasing the operating voltage to 1.78v, the kit will even touch DDR3-3000 Cas 12 stable. The performance increase is significant too. Using XTU as benchmark, the Core i7 4770K goes up from 893 points to 1103 points. That is a 24% performance increase!

More information on the overclocking scaling in terms of frequency, voltage, and timings, check out the review at HW-DB.com.


Netherlands nedernakker says:

So it Actually evolves to DDR4 when you are overclocking it.. That's a nifty feature from Klevv ;)

Christian Ney says:

Fixed :p

Poland Xtreme Addict says:

Damm I hoped it was true DDR3 -> DDR4 mod by SPD flash :banana: Nice review :)

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