Xtreme Addict Second to Pass 13,000 Points in 3DMark Fire Strike Extreme Single GPU

Amidst the ASUS and G.SKILL Skylake madness other people are putting up strong overclocking results as well. Take for example Xtreme Addict who's attacking the single GPU 3DMark Fire Strike Extreme rankings with the GeForce GTX 980 Ti K|ngp|n Edition. Chasing down the boss himself, the self-proclamed potato master is within one hundred points of the current Global First Place.

Xtreme Addict is the second person to breach the 13K barrier after K|ngp|n showed how to not so long ago. With 2100 MHz on both the core and the memory, the clocks are certainly there to get to the top of the ranking. Note that Xtreme Addict is using an X99 platform paired with some HyperX memory. You can find more details about the result on the submission page HERE.

The K|ngp|n edition has received a lot of attention worldwide with its interesting new business model and epic overclocking guide in support of the (extreme) overclocking community. We expect to see more kick-ass overclocking coming soon as apparently "in the next week or so a big MP retail batch is incoming". Good luck and pleasant overclocking everyone!

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