Classicplatforms Claim Old School is Best School Round 3

When it comes to pushing and benching really old hardware it would seem that the Classicplatforms team are pretty much peerless, claiming a third straight win the Old School is Best contest on OC-ESPORTS. As Round 3 has just concluded a few days ago, let’s take a look at the contest in some detail and check out the final standings, scores and submissions after two months of intense competition on hardware that you may expect to only see in an computer museum.

A quick glance at the scoreboard reveals that Classicplatforms were able once again to build on their previous performances to claim top spot with a score of 36 points. But unlike previous contests where the team had dominant displays in at least one stage, here we find that in fact Classicplatforms were denied any outright stage wins. This underlines the team ethic needed to make sure that you compete well in both stages.

Congrats to all who took part in the Old School is Best School Round 3! The big take away this time around is that although Classicplatforms managed to win the round, they are clearly not unassailable, managing 2nd place finishes in both stages. Can anyone topple from the top in the next few rounds? Time will tell.

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