OC-ESPORTS Road To Pro Challenger Division: Round 3 Gets Underway

The third round of the OC-SPORTS Challenger Division launches today, pitting overclocker against overclocker in the most comprehensive competitive arena imaginable. There are seven Challenger Divisions in total each featuring five individual stages focusing on a specific hardware segment. The idea is to make things as inclusive as possible, allowing all overclockers to compete, regardless of ability, skill set or budget.

The concept of the Challenger Division involves the idea of a year-long season. The 2015 season will consist of three two-month Rounds with Round 3 of the Challenger Division starting on August 1st and reaching a climax on September 30th. Each round involves a different set of benchmarks and limitations, so let’s have a look at all seven divisions in Round 3 and the contest stages in more detail.

Good luck to all competitors in all Divisions. The Road to Pro is long and arduous, but remember, it’s a journey that defines the sport. Keep pushing!

Check out the full overview at OC-ESPORTS.io

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