K|ngp|n and his GTX 980 Ti Graphics Card: A Love Story , First Over 13K FSE 1xGPU

In the world of graphics cards the EVGA GeForce GTX 980 Ti K|ngp|n Edition was one of the most anticipated products hyped over the last couple of weeks. Introducing an interesting new business model using ASIC to differentiate products and supported with one of the most epic overclocking guides ever produced, the K|ngp|n edition of the GTX 980 Ti was destined for great things.

Two days ago, that's exactly what happened. If you were impressed by Rbuass, Dancop, and Der8auer's recent record spree, check out K|ngp|n's stuff. Where Dancop and Rbuass are the only two over 12,000 points only two over 12,300 points (Steponz was the first to breach the 12K mark) with a single GPU graphics card in 3DMark Fire Strike Extreme, K|ngp|n is ... over 13,000. Yes, you read that right: over thirteen thousand points!

Using a Core i7 5960X Haswell-E CPU at 5.5GHz and his GTX 980 Ti graphics card at near 2.1GHz on both GPU and memory, the score of 13091 is one for the history books.

We look forward to finding out what others will accomplish with the KPE card in the next coming weeks.

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