TechPowerUp Investigates AMD Fury X Voltage Scaling: 1215/560 MHz stable, +150W Power Draw

Since the launch of the Fury X last month there's been a lot of speculation on the overclocking capabilities of the new GPU. The speculation was mainly instigated by AMD, stating their Fury X has "a lot of overclocking headroom" thanks to the AIO water cooling and power input. In reality however, the GPU core frequency could only be overclocked about 100MHz (+10%) using default cooling and voltage and the memory overclocking was even more limited as AMD didn't provide tools out of the box to overclock.

At TechPowerUp, W1zzard has figured out a way to over-voltage the Fury X "Fiji" GPU. In the article he explains the background details on the difficulties to crack the "over-voltage code" and provides early insight in the scaling capabilities of the GPU with elevated voltage levels.

With a voltage bump of +144 mV (1.35V), the card scales up to about 1215 MHz, an increase of about 20%. The performance in Battlefield 3 jumps from an average of about 53.5 FPS to 55 FPS. Beyond +144 mV the card throttles and requires better cooling for stable overclocking. At the same elevated GPU frequency of 1215 MHz, W1zard also tests the impact of memory overclocking. Testing 560 MHz up from a default 500 MHz (+ 12%), the FPS increases further from 55 FPS to about 56.5 FPS.

Overall, the performance after overclocking increased by about 6% when overclocking the GPU and memory to 1215/560 up from 1050/500 MHz. The bad new is that the (full system) power draw increases by a whopping 27% (or 150W) when overclocking. The temperature increases a mere 67°C to 71°C, proving the solid cooling solution AMD is so proud of.

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