WCCFTech Reports Overclocking Enabled on Locked Skylake CPUs (but it's not true)

Linking back to benchlife.info as the original source of the screenshot that led to the news article, WCCFTech is reporting that overclocking might be back on "locked" processors with Skylake.

Based on the screenshot linked to this article which shows a Core i7 6400T ES Q0 revision overclocked to 133 MHz base clock frequency up from a default of 100 MHz, it appears that this rumour might be true.

Truth be told,this rumor has been floating within the inner circle of the (overclocking) industry for months, but last week it was explicitly stated that this feature was no longer supported. The main reason why it could be possible is because the Skylake platform has an external clock generator, unlike Haswell, Ivy Bridge, or Sandy Bridge. The last platform to have an external clock generator was Nehalem. But bear in mind that Intel's strategy for overclocking has been to explicitly limit it to the K- and X-SKU processors since Sandy Bridge.

Important to note is that the leaked CPU-Z validations at 5.2 GHz and 6.5 GHz are both with R0 stepping. The screenshot of the overclocked "locked" Core i7 6400T is with a Q0 stepping processor.

To summarize: this rumor existed for a long time, but was very recently denied. The screenshot shows an older revision of the Skylake silicon as Q0 transitioned into R0. The ability to overclock "locked" processors would certainly be an interesting development for overclocking and its community. Moving closer to the launch of Skylake rumored (meh, confirmed!) next week, we are very interested in finding out the truth behind this story.

You can find WCCFtech's article here and the original source in Chinese at benchlife.info here.

Update: an industry overclocker stated that the older engineering samples could be overclocked, but the retail silicon will not support overclocking via the base clock frequency.

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