HW-DB Checks out HyperX Fury HX426C15FBK4/32 Overclocking: DDR4-2666C11 at 1.48V

... or DDR4-2800C12 at 1.41v, or DDR4-3000C13 1.40v, or DDR4-3200C14 1.40v (in dual channel)

TaPaKaH from HW-DB is at it again. After having not so unsuccessful look at SO-DIMM overclocking, he had a peek at a 32GB HyperX Fury kit. The default spec for the kit is DDR4-2666C15, but after a bit of tuning TaPaKaH succeeds in running the same frequency at Cas Latency 11. The kit requires a voltage bump from 1.35V to 1.48V to do so.

The performance increase in XTU is a mere 3 points, jumping from 1992 to 1995 points going from the default DDR4-2666C15 to DDR4-3000C13. Both in AIDA64 and Cinebench R15 the gains are marginal too, so it's safe to say the overclocking doesn't really have much other benefit that, well, bragging rights.

As a point of advice to enthusiasts, TaPaKaH notes: "On top of that, our sample has demonstrated phenomenal overclockability, which could compete with the best DDR4 models that are currently available. Of course, we might have been lucky with our sample. But, since Kingston still stick with Hynix across their entire DDR4 product range, the HyperX remains the go-to lineup if you are a memory enthusiast."

You can read the full review here and a Google Translated version here (just kidding, no link - the article is in English!).

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