Wizerty Reviews Der8auer BEAST CPU Pot: Is It Worth EUR €500? (French)

Amidst a raging European crisis, there is a small bright light of hope coming from the overclocking community. That's the light of a French overclocker reviewing a Germany CPU pot."

... or some other less dramatic introduction. Anyway, over at Cowcotland.com Wizerty published his review of the Der8auer ECC BEAST CPU pot. The CPU cooler mainly specifically designed for extreme overclocking and liquid nitrogen comes at a beastly price of EUR €500 (it's not listed on the site yet). In exchange for serious coinage you receive a neatly packaged CPU cooler, insulation, and mounting gear. There is a thermal probe hole pre-drilled at the bottom of the pot for everyone's convenience as well.

As Wizerty explains in the review, the BEAST has an intricate design of the base. In a paint-style image you get a better understanding of the "small flood" and "big flood" mechanism. Further in the review, you get an overview on how to install the pot. Wizerty also includes his findings and conclusive thoughts on the pot in case you're looking for a top overclocker's point of view. You can find the review in French here or in sometimes hilarious Google Translate English here.

Perhaps the overclocking community will not bring peace to the European continent, but based on the BEAST review we might see a couple more smiling faces amongst the overclocking crowd.

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