HW-DB Tackles G.Skill F3-2133C11D-8GRSL SODIMM Overclocking: DDR3-2400 CL9 at 1.73V

In a review posted at HW-DB.com, one of our media partners, TaPaKaH tackles overclocking using SODIMM memory. As he writes in the introduction, the plan was to use the ASRock Z97-M8 motherboard for testing the overclocking capabilities of the G.Skill F3-2133C11D-8GRSL kit, but that didn't go exactly as planned. So, alternatively a SODIMM-to-DIMM convertor was used in combination with the Maximus VI Impact.

Pro-tip: the HWBOT Team Cup 2015 features a SO-DIMM SuperPI 32M stage.

The kit seemed to top out at around DDR3-2400 with a Cas Latency of 9 up to 11 depending on the amount of voltage you're willing to feed the sticks. The difference between CL9-10-12 and CL-11-10-12 is 0.27v on this particular kit. In terms of performance, overclocking the kit increased the performance in XTU by about 9% using a Core i7 4770K at 4.5GHz.

Be sure to check out the review at HW-DB.com, especially the detailed voltage and frequency chart TaPaKaH includes in each of his memory reviews.


Belgium Massman says:

Shout out to Sam for always producing great charts :)

TaPaKaH says:

Here's the Memtest screenshot, by the way :)
SuperPI 32M needed 0.01V less.

websmile says:

Nice :D

United States Random says:

JeeZ i wish my z97 waasnt torn down, i have had 4x f3-1600c9d-16gr3l on my desk for ages, from a laptop that never came to fruition.
I wonder what they could do...

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