There's a Skylake CPU-Z Validation at 5.2GHz!

The validation screenshot says it's clocked over 5GHz!

Having been active in the overclocking world, I've grown accustomed to leaks leading up to product launches. Sometimes the leaks are very accurate and spot on, sometimes they're as far off as I'm from beating Dancop in the League. In general, it's good to add some salt to the stories you find online.

That being said, it's good to get excited about upcoming hardware releases. In fact, the next generation of Intel CPUs might just be a lot more exciting than Broadwell ("yikes") and Haswell Refresh were. Skylake rumours are leading everyone to believe it might just be the next big thing for water cooling since Sandy Bridge. In a Facebook post on their wall, HKEPC showed a teaser of a Skylake clocked at 5.2GHz. You'll find plenty of media stating this is done on air cooling, but that's to be confirmed. In any way, it makes us wonder, dream, and hope ... and without hope, there's nothing ...

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