Team Pro OC EU Champions of Pro OC 2015, Challenger Division Round 2 Concludes (+ video)

Attentive OC-ESPORTS news readers already know this, but we're posting the news here regardless. The Road To Pro competitions concluded round 2 at the end of last month and in the two articles linked below you can find a detailed overview of the winners and some of their systems. If you prefer a video announcement, click on the image on the left-hand side.

Team Pro OC EU Become Champions of Pro OC 2015 Round 2

"The second round of the PRO OC 2015 series has just come to a climax on OC-ESPORTS with the world’s best equipped and most talented overclockers competing as teams for the honor of being arguably the best overclockers on the scene. Last time around we saw Kronos Pro OC take top spot, but in Round 2 they have been usurped by Team Pro OC EU who lead the round at the end of play with dominant display that reaped a total of 223 points."

Check out the article at OC-ESPORTS. io for more details.

Challenger Division Round 2 Concludes: Full Round Up

"The seven divisions span a broad range of hardware platforms so that the contest is as inclusive as possible. If you have access to Intel Core i7 processors and top end graphics cards, then you’ll find Division I to be your playground of choice, but if your budget is more modest Divisions II and III concern lower tier Intel processors and VGA cards. Divisions IV and V are strictly AMD affairs, while Divisions VI and VII deal with mobile platforms and retro platforms respectively. Whatever gets your OC juices flowing, the Challenger Divisions have a place you can call home."

"The second round of the OC-ESPORTS Challenger Division came to close just a few days ago, running throughout the months of May and June. Let’s take a look at the final leaderboards at the end of each Division as well as the scoring and leading players in each segment."

Check out the article at OC-ESPORTS. io for more details.

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