GIGABYTE Organizes First Peruvian "Workshop Overclock 2015" (Spanish)

Overclocking is a global phenomenon.

That is something we've known for a long time based on the wide range of nationalities active at HWBOT. The overclocking bug has bitten folks from Australia to Brazil, from Germany to Japan, and even in regions you'd least expect like Egypt or Iran. In fact, the Iranian overclocking community is massive, in case you didn't know.

Our partners too are keen on spreading the word on overclocking. In Lima, Peru, GIGABYTE organized their first Workshop Overclock 2015 to demonstrate the cool-factor of handling a dry ice cooled system. On you can find a video of Boris Fernandez explaining what overclocking is.

My Spanish is fairly rusty and anything except for "Dos cervezas" and "patatas fritas" is hard to comprehend, but it's always cool to see overclocking spread to countries like Peru which are located near the equator. Click on the image on the left to check out the video or here if images are not your thing.

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