Overclocking.guide Tests 47 (forty-seven!) Thermal Pastes on Air and with LN2

This article dates back almost a month ago as it was published during the Computex 2015 aftermath. It is therefore very understandable that yours truly missed it and forgot to news it on the front page (even if the boss doesn't think so). In the article appropriately titled Thermal Paste Roundup 2015 – 47 Products Tested", Der8auer has a go at 47 different thermal pastes available on the market. The test subjects range from the Akasa 455 to Zalman ZM-STG2, and yes ... that's in alphabetical order.

The test itself is very inclusive with a detailed description of the methodology. On Air Cooling we see a good recommendation for the liquid metal based Phobya LM if you're looking for pure performance and the Cooler Master IC Essential E1 if you're aiming for the best bang for your buck (or Euro, or Yen, etc). For the extreme overclocking part the Gelid GC-Extreme finally sees competition after a 6-year reign in the form of Kryonaut by Thermal Grizzly.

I recommend anyone checking out the article at Overclocking.guide to learn more about the behavior of the different thermal pastes. In particular the Product Description table is nicely detailed with all the information you need to make an informed decision.

Oh, and before I forget! Der8auer also made a video explaining the different methods of applying thermal paste. You know - so you don't mess up your system cooling after buying awesome cooling paste. The video is linked to the image on your left-hand side (possibly on top if you're browsing mobile).


Belgium Massman says:

Would be cool to see the OCZ Freeze in that line-up too. Pretty much the first magic trick for paste-cracking, I believe?

Finland Mean Machine says:

Massman said: Would be cool to see the OCZ Freeze in that line-up too. Pretty much the first magic trick for paste-cracking, I believe?

But horribly EOL, since like... Three years?

Belgium Massman says:

How about the frostbite?
Antec had some paste for extreme OC back in the day as well, I think.

Poland Xtreme Addict says:

Maybe still some ocers have OCZ Freeze left in their drawers, but not sure if so old one still would be fully operational for LN2 :) Well, on other hand, OCZ Freeze was exactly same as Gelid GC Extreme (same factory) from what I remember (correct me if I am wrong). @Pieter Yeah, Antec had something, but from what I remember it wasn't a good one overall. EVGA Frostbite is EOL too from what I know, but I still have few tubes of it (bought at EVGA EU store sale, 1 euro per tube). I am using it on some CPUs for ln2 or AC pretests, for instance for Ivy-E it performed same as Gelid (tested on few cpus samples).

Christian Ney says:

I have a few OCZ Freeze left unopened.

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