The OC Show Live Q&A S02E13: Intel Skylake Leaks, Unlocked Haswell mobile and ESWC Finals (Do Gamers Know Hardware?)

This morning Taipei time, Isaie and Tim hosted the latest episode of The OC Show Q&A on behalf of Overclocking-TV. In the thirteenth episode they are joined by Pieter from HWBOT for a second time after helping out in the last show. The topics of this episode include an overview of the latest OC-ESPORTS competitions, a continued discussion on unlocking the mobile Haswell processors, a brief discussion on the Skylake leak from last weekend, and finally a look at the ESWC finals in Montreal.

As always you can find the replay of the Q&A at OCTV's YouTube channel. If you're interested in finding out more, subscribe to their channel, or join the next livestream on Twitch.

Note: the Q&A livestream talks are based on the short The OC Show episodes. You can find the thirteenth episode of the regular The OC Show in this news article.

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