GPUPI Version 2.1.2 Released - Added Support For Radeon R300 and Fury X

In a brief post in the support forum thread for the GPUPI benchmark, Mat announced the release of version 2.1.2 of the popular GPUPI benchmark. After XTU and HWBOT Prime, GPUPI is the most run benchmark at HWBOT. Its direct integration with the HWBOT submission API makes it very easy to participate in the rankings.

Version 2.1.2 includes support for the latest Radeon 300 series graphics cards as well as the Fury X. According to Mat it's unlikely we'll be seeing Fury X at the top of the benchmark rankings anytime soon though. For everyone who wants to try out the new version: find the download links below. Note that v2.1.2 is not a mandatory upgrade since all versions since v2.1 are still supported.

Downloads: GPUPI 2.1.2 (1.06 MB, CRC-32: CB9069F2) | GPUPI 2.1.2 - Legacy Version (Windows XP, GeForce 200 series, 590 KB, CRC-32: 1497D087)


Belgium Massman says:

Fury X is pretty slow compared to a 290X clock per clock

Austria _mat_ says:

Sadly, AMD decided to "optimize" the cores in Tonga/Fiji by reducing 64 bit integer performance. So Hawaii is still the fastest card to run GPUPI.

Following up on the discussion how fast we will see insignificant scores, I dare to day that it will still take a good while before 1B is at its end. :)

Indonesia Lucky_n00b says:

Massman said: Fury X is pretty slow compared to a 290X clock per clock

IIRC, Fury X's FP64 performance is about 1/16th rate of it's FP32, while R9 290X FP64 is 1/8th rate of its FP32. Maybe that's what makes Fury X slower than 290X?

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