Overclockers.at Donate EUR 1,200 to Children's Hospital in Memory of Turrican (German)

Almost a year ago, we lost one of our most dedicated staff members in a tragic traffic accident. Karl, better known as Turrican, had been active at the site since the very beginning. He was a strong, loyal, and hard-working staff member keeping the hardware database up to date in his spare hours. Following the news, his friends from his local forum Overclockers.at contacted us to host the Turrican Memorial Charity Challenge, a competition in memory of Karl.

The competition consisted of a stage featuring the new GPUPI benchmark and a stage focusing on Karl's favorite legacy hardware. As part of the Challenge, Noctua and EK Water Blocks engaged in participating in the donation campaign collecting funding for an Austrian children's hospital. Funds were raised by submitting to the competition as well as buying special Turrican "Hardware Terminator" t-shirts.

The team at Overclockers.at passed by the St.Anna Children's Hospital last to hand over a EUR €1,200 donation together with Karl's family.

You can read the original article at Overclockers.at or a Google Translated version here.

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