Old School is Best School - Round 4 Begins

Today marks the launch of the latest round of the Old School is Best School contest on OC-ESPORTS, a contest that offers all HWBOT members the chance to take a trip down memory lane, or alternately, a chance to acquaint yourself with hardware from a bygone era. I guess it depends on your age. The idea is simple, each round involves teams benchmarking on hardware that most of us would consider pretty ancient.

In previous rounds we’ve seen teams go head to head on hardware that goes back as far as as Slot 1 and Socket 7, with graphics cards from the GeForce 4 era. Round 4 runs from July 1st to August 31st and features two stages filled with nostalgia based around the AMD AM2, Intel’s Socket 775 and a real AMD classic, the beloved Socket A.

Full announcement at OC-ESPORTS: http://oc-esports.io/#!/article/2911/old_school_is_best_school___round_4_begins

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