Futuremark Provides Open Key for Legacy Benchmarks

I kick in an open door when I state that Futuremark has played an important part in the growth of the overclocking community. Since the 3DMark2000 - now over a decade ago - overclockers from around the world have taken pleasure in trying to score the best score possible with their computer rig. Many of the old school overclockers still enjoy the legacy benchmarks and at HWBOT we've listed them all. From 3DMark99 to the latest 3DMark Fire Strike Ultra, you can rank and compete at HWBOT.

3DMarks aren't cheap to develop and to use its full functionality Futuremark charges a fairly low amount of money to purchase a licence to unlock all features. This works great for the current set of benchmark tools, but for the legacy (read: EOL) benchmark applications it's not possible to purchase any licence keys anymore. For the people who want to simplify the benchmarking process using the legacy benchmars, our result moderator Christian Ney and Futuremark provide the HWBOT community with a set of free keys. You can find the keys in in our forum.

When using the keys, your results will be uploaded to a dedicated HWBOT account. That means you will be able to generate a valid verification link (for the benchmarks that still support uploading), but will not see them listed in your personal Futuremark account. Update: the key is linked to the HWBOT account, but your results will be uploaded to your own account. Apologies for the confusion!

We would like to thank Futuremark and Christian Ney for their efforts in making it easier for the community to bench and overclock!

More information in the forum thread: click.

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