Futuremark Begins Development of VR Benchmark

It is a pure coincidence that the possibilities of a VR benchmark by Futuremark were a point of discussion at the HWBOT World Tour Asia last weekend, and that Futuremark now announces VRMark. We already covered the possibilities for overclocking and VR benchmarking in the article about Turris, the first VR DIY machine. Simply put: VR requires serious computing power and not meeting the minimum frames per second can result in motion sickness and other uncomfortable effects. It is therefore of utmost importance that VR equipment gets the proper testing it needs.

In its press release, Futuremark states that "VRMark will test a VR system's ability to deliver a consistently high frame rate across a range of quality settings and content types. VR is highly sensitive to variations in frame rate. A smooth and stable frame rate is crucial to providing a comfortable VR experience."

We look forward to seeing the VRMark development progress!

Full press release: futuremark.com

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