GIGABYTE Break Out the LN2 at Computex 2015

Author: Sdougal

Computex 2015 officially kicked off, and no Computex show would be complete without taking a look at what GIGABYTE have got going on at their suites up the iconic 101 building in Central Taipei. Upon arrival at the suites your overclocking spidey sense begins to tingle as clouds of LN2 smoke billows around a room bustling with visitors from around the globe. Dominating the room is a bench table where GIGABYTE’s in-house overclockers are busy not only breaking records on their flagship X99-SOC Champion boards but giving all and sundry a taste of what extreme overclocking is all about.

The aforementioned X99-OC-Champion board was living up to its name early on in the session with a World Record XTU submission (3089 marks on a Core i7 5960X clocked at 5,920MHz. GIGABYTE’s main man in Australia, Dinos22 made the submission but he may well have had some assistance from Coldest, HiCookie, SniperOz and Sofos1990, who were also in attendance at the booth.

Of course GIGABYTE have historically been very active in the Overclocking scene and can be credited as producing the first ever motherboard designed specifically for overclockers - the X58-OC, designed from the ground up by HiCookie, a previous OC world number one and GIGABYTE’s chief overclocking evangelist.

We managed to catch up with the main man at GIGABYTE, Henry Kao, the Vice President of GIGABYTE Motherboard Business Unit to ask a few questions about how the company see the role of overclocking. “Overclocking remains the best way to definitively prove the reliability and performance of our products. We engage the OC community and work with professional overclockers to create motherboards that can break records and win awards.”

GIGABYTE were also showing a few examples of their forthcoming Z170 motherboards that will support Intel’s Skylake CPUs. Unlike a few other vendors we encountered this week however, GIGABYTE have not yet taken the wraps off their high-end models, which will remain secret prior to launch. Other notable news from GIGABYTE during the show include the implementation of USB 3.1 and the new reversible Type-C connector.

More pictures in the Facebook album below

Pictures from the GIGABYTE booth at Taipei 101 for Computex 2015 - Dinos22, Sofos1990, HiCookie, and SniperOZ tearing it up!

Posted by HWBot on Wednesday, 3 June 2015

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