Translation Update: Italian +24.70%, Hungarian +22.71%, and Romanian +15.79%

The translation of the HWBOT site is quite a large task and cannot be completed without the hours of effort by our community. In the latest translation project update we can report that the languages Italian, Romanian, and Hungarian are making great strides forward. We look forward to seeing the languages in beta testing in a couple of months and enable a localized version of HWBOT for the respective communities.

Note that every overclocker participating in the translation project automatically becomes the owner of the HWBOT Project Contributor and HWBOT Translator achievements. We are humbled by the efforts of the overclocking community to make HWBOT more accessible and more available for the international community. Thank you very much!

Below you can find an overview of the ongoing translation projects.


Russian Federation Remarc says:

Where is the Russian status bar???

Belgium Massman says:

I am not sure someone is taking care of the Russian translations.

France Xyala says:

There is nobody taking care of the Russian translation of the site at the moment.

France Xyala says:

If you are up to the task - always glad to welcome a new language to the translation project!

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