TecLab Terabyte Team enlists 188 (!) Rookies, Sn0wMe leads Rookie League

Stunned yet excited, those are two words which accurately describe my current state of mind. As usual, every month we have a look at which overclocking teams are attracting the most Rookies. This month, TecLab Terabyte Team from Brazil is the team with the highest amount of rookies. The team led by Rbuass and Jacson Schenckel have enlisted no less than 188 (yes, one hundred and eighty eight!) rookie overclockers in their team. We look forward to seeing the Rookies active in the Rookie Rumble and in three months time, possibly taking over the Novice Nimble too!

On the Novice side of things, we see that Overclock.net has the largest Novice group with 79 overclockers. PC Games Hardware is also a strong Novice team with 64 enlisted overclockers. Both teams adopted the new Rookie/Novice structure very early on as it seems that other teams are catching up in the recruitment of the Rookies. Despite of the larger pool of Novice overclockers to draw from, neither Overclock.net nor PC Games Hardware is rocking the Novice Nimble particularly well. The top ranks in the Novice team-based competition is currently for the French team of Cowcotland. They are challenged mainly by Hardware.info from the Netherlands, and Hellas Overclocking Team from Greece.

Team Rookies Novices
Brazil TecLab Terabyte Team 188 12
Germany PC Games Hardware 33 64
Greece Hellas Overclocking Team 20 13
USA r/overclocking 16 1
USA Overclockers.com 13 17
Canada Overclock.net 13 79
Costa Rica OCCR 13 0
France Cowcotland 10 41
Italy HwReady OC Official Team 8 10
Germany OverclockingStation OCS 8 5

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