Hardware.info Workshop: sanding CPU for better cooling performance

The overclockers at Hardware.info published a nice guide on how to sand or lap your CPU for better cooling performance. The TL;DR is a temperature improvement of 5.3°C on air after sanding both the CPU and the CPU cooler. In the guide you will find all the explanations you need to get started on sanding your hardware.

Good luck!

Full article: http://uk.hardware.info/reviews/5995/workshop-sanding-cpu-for-better-cooling-performance


Netherlands rsnubje says:

Thanks for sharing :)

India Toolius says:

lovely :)

Greece sotoss says:

hm done that today , temp dropped 2 degrees on average :|


It's not a guaranteed or fixed number. Your CPU was just more flat than theirs, so you gain a smaller advantage.

Greece sotoss says:

yeah sure i just posted my experience ...


I shaved 22c off of my 4770K by de-lidding and lapping it, but that's not to say anyone else will gain that much. :D

United States steponz says:

The match dutch is totally correct. depends on your cooler and your cpu. I have seen some really concave and convex processors..

Hungary subaruwrc says:


konkaves like my g3258 .. :D

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