OC League Update: ESPORTS Points, WR Points Downgrade, Benchmark Points Upgrade

Following up on the recent discussions sparked from community feedback, we inform you that the following adjustments to the Overclockers Leagues will take place in the coming weeks.

1/ Introduction of the ESPORTS Points

For a long time competition points were part of the OC League equation. When OC-ESPORTS was introduced, we had to disable the points due to an unforeseen imbalance. Over the past couple of weeks, we tested re-introducing the competition points. Based on the feedback, we will proceed by pushing the points to production. To clarify the points’ origin – the overclocking competitions at OC-ESPORTS.io – they will be referred to as “ESPORTS Points”.

The new Overclockers League algorithm is now: SUM of [TOP15(GL+WR) + TOP20(HW) + TOP15(EP)], with competitions applicable for EP if closed one year or less to date.

2/ World Record Points Downgrade

The World Record Points were introduced as a patch for low-scoring world record benchmark submissions. For benchmark categories where the world record is obtained with unpopular hardware (eg. 4-Way SLI or multi-CPU systems), a total of 100 points is awarded in addition to the points generated from the Global Points algorithm. In effect, in those benchmark categories the World Record is awarded approximately as much as the most popular global ranking (usually 1xGPU).

For the benchmarks Aquamark3, 3DMark01, 3DMark05, and 3DMark06 our community noticed that the World Record Points are awarded to the most popular global rankings, resulting in an overly valued 1xGPU Global First Place. For example, the world record for Aquamark3 (1xGPU stock cooling) is worth 250 points whereas the world record for Fire Strike Extreme (4xGPU liquid nitrogen) is worth 148 points.

Based on the community feedback, we will remove the WR Points from the benchmark categories where the patch is no longer required to ensure a balanced point algorithm. Those benchmark categories are: Aquamark3, 3DMark01, 3DMark05, and 3DMark06.

3/ Benchmark Points Upgrade

Based on the information provided by the community’s benchmark beta testing and validation by our software team, we will upgrade the following benchmarks with points.

  • WR Points: Geekbench3 – Multi Core
  • GL Points: Geekbench3 – Multi Core, MaxxMem Read Bandwidth
  • HW Points: Geekbench3 – Multi Core, MaxxMem Read Bandwidth, 3DMark Ice Storm, 3DMark Ice Storm Extreme, 3DMark Ice Storm Unlimited, 3DMark Cloud Gate, 3DMark Sling Shot, 3DMark Fire Strike Ultra, Catzilla 576P, Catzilla 1080P

The transition will take a couple of weeks as we update the explanations, links, and update the point algorithms. Thank you for your understanding!

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