Websmile Joins HWBOT Staff - Focus on Competition Moderation

Some of you probably already noticed Websmile's activity in the competition forum threads, and with this news article we want to make official that Websmile has joined the HWBOT Staff. Michael joins the moderating team of Christian Ney and mainly focuses on competition result moderation. With his help we hope to bring you an even better and smoother competition experience at HWBOT and OC-ESPORTS.

If you have any questions regarding the result moderation at HWBOT or OC-ESPORTS, feel free to get in touch with Websmile at michael@hwbot.org or Christian Ney at christian@hwbot.org. Welcome to the staff, Michael!


Belgium Massman says:

Welcome to the family :)

Strunkenbold says:

Great Choice, congrats Micha!

Germany Don_Dan says:

Welcome to the team, Michael! :)


Welcome to the team! :D

Romania Alex@ro says:

More stresss from now :) congrats !

Indonesia Lucky_n00b says:

Congratulations, welcome to the team! :)

Australia Jimba says:

Welcome to the team! Congrats on the Job Mikey! :D Now to enter more comps..with a little error..:p

Greece TASOS says:

Very good choice !!!

Belgium leeghoofd says:

All Pi submssions are his :)

Germany der8auer says:

Welcome to the gang :)

Poland phobosq says:

Good choice, congratulations Michael and good luck!

Poland Xtreme Addict says:

Terminator on it's way! :D

Germany aerotracks says:

congrats man :)

websmile says:

Thanks, I hope I won´t annoy too many people - read the comp rules before! benching :D

United States Mr.Scott says:

Excellent choice. WTG. :)

Australia JunkDogg says:

Well done mate.

Now go do some moderating and stop filling my facebook feed with farmville crap!!!!!!!!!!!!

websmile says:

You should play this too, it is good for the nerves :p :D

Australia JunkDogg says:

websmile said: You should play this too, it is good for the nerves :p :D

Testing my nerve, more like it. :p

United States Splave says:

Seems like websmile........will be making some web.....frowns

Belgium leeghoofd says:


Hungary kicsipapucs says:

I wish you steel nerves, Michael! :)

websmile says:

Sledge Hammer
- oldschool :D

Thanks, I hope I have a lucky hand on decisions :)

United States Mr.Scott says:

You'll be fine.
CP will have your payment ready shortly. :D

United Kingdom ObscureParadox says:

Mr.Scott said: You'll be fine.
CP will have your payment ready shortly. :D

Can't believe you already beat me to it. I suppose there is no point in me learning photoshop cc anymore :(

Germany Hyperhorn says:

Have you thought carefully about this step? Spending time on result moderation means less time for testing and trading RAM. :eek::D Well, I wish you an eager eye and [strike]balls[/strike] nerves of steel. ;)

Romania Alex@ro says:

Don`t worry,websmile will donate all remaining psc to me for further testing ^^

Antarctica Trouffman says:

Welcome WebSmile ! ;) Now you have to catch up on CNey stats.. aahahah

United States coolhandluke41 says:

Congrats Mike :)

websmile says:

Thanks, guys :) No donations :p - and Stefan, for good mem stock I would have to raid your infamous cellar I think :D

Indonesia ivaneza says:

Congrats Michael, glad to see you join the staff.. I hope you still have time to answer my question on FB :D

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