OC-ESPORTS Road To Pro (Pro OC and Challenger Divisions) Round 2 Kicks Off

The second installment of the OC-ESPORTS Challenger Division gets underway today, with a total of seven separate hardware divisions each containing five distinct stages that are unique to each of the three, two-month rounds. Round 2 runs from May 1st to June 30th.

The general concept is to promote inclusiveness within the overclocking community and grow overclocking as an Esport. It spans across seven very different kinds of hardware types within a season-long competitive contest. It allows all HWBOT members to compete regardless of their ability to purchase high-end hardware. Forget about your budget, the Challenger Divisions provide a space where you can compete.

As mentioned above, the benchmarks and limitations used within each stage are modified with each round - ensuring plenty of challenges and learning curves for combatants throughout the year. Here’s a breakdown of the challenges involved within each stage of Round 2.

Find all relevant information on the competition pages: Road To Pro and the News Announcement.

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