Old School is Best School Round 2: Slot 1 and Pentium III Return

As we have seen recently with the Challenger Division VII, there is plenty of enthusiasm within the OC community for fun contests that involve legacy hardware. Arguably however the real nostalgia trip is when you get to join a whole team of like-minded old timers to enjoy genuine hardware relics from a bygone age. Welcome to the Old School is Best School series, Round 2 at OC-ESPORTS.

Round 1 took us on a trip down a memory lane that involved Intel Socket 478, AMD Socket 939 and GeForce 5 Series cards. Round 2 takes us deeper into the woods of yester-year with two stages that involve Intel (or possibly VIA) Slot 1 processors, Intel Pentium 3 series chips and GeForce 6 series cards.

Find all relevant information on the competition page: Old School is Best School Round 2 and the Press Release.

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