Discussion: WR Points for Legacy Benchmarks

The Overclocking Leagues at HWBOT are based on four types of points: World Record Points, Global Points, Hardware Points, and Competition Points. As you know from a previous news article, we are currently testing the introduction of a new format for the competition points. Following a discussion on our forum we are also looking into the WR points for legacy benchmarks.

Firstly, let's re-iterate what the WR Points are. One of the main changes in the Rev4 points structure was the splitting up of the global benchmark rankings based on the core count rather than the socket count. For graphics card benchmarks, this means each configuration from 1xGPU to 4xGPU had its own global category. As the global points are calculated based on the competitiveness of the ranking (read: "how many participants"), the top scores in the 4xGPU categories are heavily under-rewarded. For example, 8 Pack's Fire Strike World Record with 4 GeForce GTX Titan X graphics card only receives 48.8 global points.

As a counter measure for the undervalued world record attempts, we introduced the WR points. The holder of a world record in undervalued categories receives an additional 100 bonus points. Second place gets 75 points, third place 55 points, all the way to 9th place receiving 10 points. As an effect, the undervalued 4xGPU world record attempts are worth about as much as the highest valued 1xGPU first places. Note that the bonus points are only awarded to benchmarks where we see undervalued world records. For example, for SuperPI 32M, there are no WR points because the world record submission is already awarded correctly (140 points).

As community members point out, we are awarding WR points to categories where the world record is achieved with a 1xGPU configuration. For example, the world record of Aquamark3 held by TeamAU is currently worth 100 WR points and 125.3 Global points, significantly more than any 4-Way record. This situation occurs with all 3D legacy benchmarks which have become CPU bound: Aquamark, 3DMark01, and 3DMark05. The suggestion from the community is to remove the bonus points for those benchmarks because the global points algorithm already rewards the scores correctly and therefore the categories do not require a correction.

On our UAT environment we currently disabled WR points for the three aforementioned benchmark. You can join the discussion HERE. Let us know what you think!

(left: Elite top-20 with WR points; right: Elite top-20 without WR points)

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