Test Re-Introduction of Competition Points on UAT Server

When we introduced the OC-ESPORTS Official World Overclocking Rankings a couple of months ago, we were all taken by surprise by the effect the rankings had on the Overclockers League. Moving on from the surprise, we understood that the competition points in its previous form - all points from all time - was not sustainable for the Overclockers League. Based on the feedback from the community, we have now a new version of the competition points for the Overclockers League running on our UAT test environment (http://uat.hwbot.org/league/).

The competition points contributing to the Overclockers League is calculated as follows: TOP 10 (most rewarding contests in the past year). The competition points integrated in the Overclockers League on UAT are based on the OC-ESPORTS point algoritm. That means: 50 points for winning a level 1 competition, 100 points for winning a level 2 competition, and 250 points for winning a level 3 competition. There are also points for winning competition stages. You can find the full distribution here: http://oc-esports.io/#!/rankings-details. Just like on OC-ESPORTS, one competition can only contribute once to your Overclockers League total. One major difference with the old implementation of the competition points is that only the competitions from the past year are applicable for points. Competitions that ended, to date, over a year ago, no longer contribute to your Overclockers League total.

Note that the maximum amount of points achievable for people who only compete in online competitions is 50x10 = 500 points. In case we have 10 level 3 competitions in one year, and one person wins all of them, the maximum points would be 250x10 = 2500 points.

On the UAT test environment you can find the new rankings. We look forward to hearing your feedback about this concept, so feel free to leave a message below. For validation purposes we loaded the latest production database from April 27. You can verify the new ranking, as well as check which competitions are contributing to your League total on the points tab on your profile page.

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(left: current ranking - right: ranking on UAT)

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