PC Games Hardware Most Rookie-Friendly Team and Sn0wMe (Costa Rica) Leading Rookie League

Today we had another peek at how the overclocking communities around the world are doing in terms of adopting new Rookie overclockers. At the top of the table we find the PC Games Hardware team which hosted the ROG Camp 2015 event last weekend, the Hellas Overclocking Team from Greece, and of course the inevitable Overclock.net from North America. Kudos for teaching the younglings how to get started in overclocking!

With over 5,500 Rookies participating in the Overclockers League, the recruitement opportunities are wide open for the most enthusiastic and active overclocking teams. Check out the Rookie Overclockers League and get in touch with the people who may end up becoming the next 8 Pack, K|ngp|n or Vivi! On that note, we want to congratulate Costa Rican overclocking star in the making Sn0wMe for currently leading the table in the Overclockers League!

Note that we have set up a new competition challenge for the Novice overclockers in the form of the Novice Nimble #2. Get together with your Novice team members and combine your skills and powers to become the #1 Novice overclocking team!

Team Rookies Novices
Germany PC Games Hardware 32 65
Greece Hellas Overclocking Team 20 9
Canada Overclock.net 17 85
USA Overclockers.com 12 17
Costa Rica OCCR 11 0
Italy HwReady OC Official Team 10 9
France Cowcotland 9 36
Italy HW Legend OC 8 6
Germany OverclockingStation OCS 7 6
Brazil [BR] Overclocker 5 7

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