XTU 5.1.2 Now Available For Download; Updated Security Keys, Older Versions Valid For Only 3 Months

On April 1, 2015, Intel released a new version of the Intel eXtreme Tuning Utility. The new version, v5.1.2, includes a couple of new features. First and foremost, based on the feedback from our very own El Genieben Intel improved the security of the XTU profiles. This optimization includes updating the security keys of the XTU profiles. The transition from the old to the new keys is three (3) months. From July 1, no XTU versions older than 5.1.2 can be used to make submissions.

In addition to the new security keys, Intel also included a telemetry functionality allowing to gathering information on XTU usage to improve the experience. The telemetry can always be disabled in the settings menu and is not required to be enabled for making valid submissions. Lastly, there's additional support for upcoming platforms.

You can download the XTU 5.1.2 here. You can find the release notes here.


Belgium Massman says:

Note that Intel also fixed the "0 GHz" bug with specific languages :)

France Taloken says:

Did they fix the bench duration ? You know, that 9 last 10th of the bench which doesn't count in the score calculation x)

Belgium Massman says:

There is general confusion about the XTU benchmark score. People seem to think that only the first run counts, but this is not true. XTU loops the benchmark several times, and then uses the peak performance as data point for the score. That's why the slow-mode will still work. But it's not the case that only the first score matters - it's the best score from all loops that matters.

Strunkenbold says:

Massman said: Note that Intel also fixed the "0 GHz" bug with specific languages :)

Can confirm.

France Taloken says:

Thx for the precision massman u_u

Thailand 0.0 says:

Looks like 5.1.2 still needs a little more work to inspire some confidence in the benchmark results.

Brazil jgaroni says:

this shit still need improvemets....is not running on a 2600k the version 6.0.2(last avaliable on the moment),and the previous version that i was using 4.4 was running well but a didnt manage to export the score....i hope they fix it soon.

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